New Delhi: The best Indian coffee in the world

A new book has revealed India’s best coffee shops and restaurants and ranked them in a global ranking.

The book titled ‘The World’s Best Coffee in the World’ was published in the UK by the Times of London on Tuesday and is available on

The Times of Ireland said that the book is based on a survey of more than 7,000 people in India.

The survey was done in December last year and included 1,300 people from across India.

The survey was conducted in India’s largest cities and highlighted the best coffee-centric establishments in each of the five states.

The book is a compilation of some of the most popular coffee shops in India, and ranked the best in each state.

Among the top five, the book named ‘Namaste’ in Bangalore as the country’s most popular.

This coffee shop was a favourite of the author of ‘The Big Idea’.

‘It is not only that this place is well-loved by the locals, but also the people of Bangalore also appreciate its uniqueness.

This is due to the fact that it is a completely free-standing, open-air space,’ the author said.’

In a coffee shop, people sit down at tables to consume their coffee, and when they are done, they pour out their own coffee.’

The book also lists Bangalore’s ‘Golden Cup’, ‘Gungatla’, ‘Paharan’ and ‘Kavana’ in the top ten.

The coffee shop ‘Pahsaran’ is also a favourite among the locals and is the favourite of author of the book.

In Kerala, the second best coffee shop in the book was ‘Nawam’ in Kollam, which was the second-best of the list.

Kerala is the second largest state in India and the second most populous state in the country after Kerala.’

Nawams coffee is the best of any place in Kerala, according to the book, and is also the place to which the author was going to travel for the book’s publication.’

It is the most frequented place in the state,’ the book says.

The author said the coffee shops of Kerala are among the best on the continent.

‘The coffee shop is a place of great importance in Kerala because of the great connections with neighbouring countries and the way that it provides the people with the best quality of life,’ the writer said.