You can now buy Apple Juice at the Uline Bistro, a restaurant in Dublin

Hacker News article Uline Beverages announced Wednesday that it will be the only Irish brewery in the United States to serve Apple Juice as an alcoholic beverage.

The company says the new product will be available at the Bistros in Dublin and Chicago, and is a new addition to its portfolio.

Uline has been brewing Apple Juice in the U.S. for almost 40 years, and it has sold more than 300 million cases.

It launched Apple Juice flavors like the Orange Peel and Blueberry, which it says have a “fresh, citrusy taste” and are “perfect for a summer day in the backyard.”

Apple Juice is made with water, sugar, and citric acid.

The flavors can be made with either apple juice concentrate or with other ingredients, such as orange peel or orange juice concentrate.

The Uline product is not available in all of Ireland, but Uline says it has partnerships in England and Australia.

Apple Juice has become popular in Ireland because it is cheap, easy to make, and a good source of calcium and vitamin C. It’s also a good replacement for soda and coffee.