When you buy a beer, you get a wine or a bottle of wine and a cocktail

Beer and wine are two of the most popular drinks in the world, and they’re both great choices.

But they’re not mutually exclusive.

You can get a bottle or two of wine, but you can’t buy a glass of wine.

That’s where a group of brewers and winemakers are trying to change that.

The group, Alliance Beverage Group, is part of a larger movement to change the way Americans purchase and consume wine and spirits.

This week, it’s launching a brand new line of wines that is priced and named after the popular brands.

The new line, called “Drew Barrymore: A Very Special Wine,” is a limited edition bottle that features a different blend of Drew Barrymore wines from around the world.

“We wanted to make something unique for the consumer,” said Alliance’s president and CEO, Matt Smith.

“We wanted people to really get excited about the Drew Barryman brand, which is really something to celebrate.”

The wines in the Drew-Barrymore range are all available in bottle and can be purchased in any of four different varieties: Aged, Fresh, Vintage and Sparkling.

The wines will be available starting in December, with the wines priced at $40 and up, and $50 and up.

The price for the Sparkling wine is $60 and up with a 50% discount for a one-year subscription to Winstons.com.

The wines are also available in cans, bottles and draft.

Smith said the Drews wines are available in a variety of sizes.

For example, the Drew Gold wines are 7-ounce bottles and will be 4-ounce cans.

The Drew Silver wines are 12-ounce, 16-ounce and 24-ounce versions.

For more information about the wines and their prices, go to www.drewgold.com and www.thedrewsilver.com .