Burger King announces $10K promotion for its “Ultimate Burger King Experience”

Burger King is rolling out a $10,000 promotion to give away free hamburgers to consumers who visit their website and sign up for the “Ultimate Experience.”

The promotion will run from March 11 to March 12.

The promotion, called the “Burgers for All” and available for free to anyone who visits Burger King.

To sign up, visitors must follow Burger King on social media, use the hashtag #UltimateExperience and use the hashtags #UltimateBurgs, #UltimateBurger, #BurgerKing, #Burgerville, and #BurgersForAll.

The first 100 people who sign up to participate will get a free burrito.

Burger King also has other free promotion offers.

This is the first time the chain has offered this type of promotion.

The company said it is also adding more promotions this year, including: The “Ultimate B-Side” and “Ultimate Fries” promotions.

These offer a free burger and fries to anyone that participates in a promotion that is at least 3 months old.

Burger Kings has also announced other promotions.

In April, Burger King announced a new burger that is available for a limited time and will be available at participating restaurants.

The burger is a burger and cheese sandwich that is cooked in-house using “local ingredients,” according to Burger King’s website.

In July, Burger Kings announced a special burger promotion, which included a burger for $6.95 and fries for $3.50.

Burger king said in the same month that it is expanding the menu.