It’s a bit of a mystery to me, but I’ve been reading about beer for a long time, so I figured I would share it with you.

The word “beer” is derived from the Old English word “bruel”, meaning to brew or ferment.

The word itself is from the Latin word “brau”, meaning “to brew”. 

It comes from a Celtic-derived word meaning “a grain of barley”.

The ancient Romans also called it a beer, which they brewed in the form of a wort.

The Romans brewed a variety of other beers including wine, ale, lager and beer.

It has a wide range of flavors, including fruity, sweet, bitter, sour, bitter-sour and nutty. 

It has the characteristic aroma of dark fruit and citrus and can also be used to impart a strong flavor to a beer.

The oldest known brewing process for beer was in the 6th century BC, according to the National Museum of America.

The process was the same as the process of making wine, which was made by boiling water with a mash to produce a wine.

In modern times, beer has become popular in restaurants, bars, pubs and restaurants, but it was originally a beverage for the masses.

It is still brewed for many people in pubs and bars and even on television shows like Mad Men and The Simpsons.

Some beers are even marketed as “wine.” 

Beer is one of the oldest and most widely used beverages in the world.