How to craft the perfect drink menu

Drink menu creation can be daunting, especially when the options are limited.

Here are five tips that will make your cocktails drinkable and drinkable for you.1.

Choose a variety of drinks to include in your menu.

A great menu should have options to choose from for different drinks.

For example, a martini may be a standard cocktail with ice or soda, but a bar cocktail might include beer or wine.

It doesn’t matter if the drinks are small or large, it should still be an option.2.

Use the right mixologist.

There are many cocktail mixologists who can help you craft your cocktail.

Some of them are trained bartenders, and some of them work with food and beverage companies to make your cocktail more memorable.

If you don’t have a bartender to do this for you, ask for a professional cocktail chef.

You’ll likely need a list of ingredients to mix for a cocktail and an outline of the drink’s ingredients and their ingredients.3.

Choose different cocktails and use different ingredients.

If there are fewer ingredients, try mixing them in different ways, like adding a fresh lime juice, a citrus zest, a mint, a lemon, or a fresh-squeezed orange.

Mixers also can help with the overall flavor of your drink.4.

Create unique cocktails.

Some cocktails may not work well together.

For instance, if a martinis drink includes a grapefruit or pineapple juice, try using a different fruit for the base of the cocktail.

For drinks that are more fruity, add a lemon wedge to the base.5.

Use different ingredients to make different cocktails.

There’s no limit to the ingredients you can use to create a drink menu.

For cocktails with lemon, use a lime juice and lime zest.

For those with a citrusy base, try adding a grape or pineapple peel.

For cocktails with lime, use lemon juice, lemon zest and orange peel.

For lemon and lime, add an orange peel, a lime wedge and a lime.

For drinks with a grape, add grapefruit peel and lime peel.

To create a perfect cocktail menu, the ingredients need to be specific.

You can add a lime and grapefruit juice and add a grape and pineapple juice to make a cocktail that pairs well with a wine, beer or a combination of both.

For simple cocktails, such as a vodka, use vodka, water, and lime juice to create an easy-drinking, sweet-tasting drink.

For a more complex drink, such a cocktail with lemon and a combination, add fresh lime, fresh lemon zests and a grape peel.

Use a mixologist to help you find the right cocktail for your drink menu, or just take a look at a few cocktail menus for inspiration.