New York Times says New York State is the best place to be a beer drinker

The New York Post has reported that New York is one of the best places to be an alcoholic beverage drinker in the country.

According to the article, a New York state resident is spending more than $1,400 per year on alcoholic beverages alone, and the state spends over $3 billion on the alcohol industry.

The article states that the New York market has a growing market share of craft beers and craft cocktails, with nearly two thirds of the drinks sold in the state being craft.

The majority of craft breweries are located in New York, which has the second-highest number of craft brewers in the United States, according to the study.

The study also found that New Yorkers are spending more on wine, spirits and beer than any other state, with a beer and spirits sales tax rate of 15.3%, compared to just 4.9% in Pennsylvania.

The State has a small wine and spirits industry, with an estimated $1.5 billion in annual sales, and a small craft beer and liquor industry with $2.6 billion in sales.