Which grocery store drinks the most?

Costco is using its own metrics to find out which stores have the best beer and wine selections.

The company revealed the results this morning, and found that the beer and cheese aisle at Costco was a clear winner.

The grocery chain is looking to expand into the wine category in the near future, and the brand was the top choice for customers looking for wine at Costco, which is also the largest retailer in the U.S.

Costco, the biggest grocery chain in the country, has been a major focus of criticism from many food and beverage industry groups over the past few years.

The consumer watchdog group, Food and Wine Watch, called out the company last month after a group of Costco employees leaked internal documents revealing the company’s plans to build a wine cellar and a grocery store in the future.

Costos efforts to increase its wine and beer offerings have come under fire recently as it’s been forced to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on new equipment and expand its wine selection to meet the growing demand.

The expansion is expected to begin this fall.