New restaurant opens in Italy that lets diners bring in their own drinks

An Italian restaurant in northern Italy is letting diners carry their own food and drinks into the restaurant.

The new restaurant, The Restaurant at The Bar, opens on April 10 and it is being run by Italian restaurateur Michele Carneiro, a former chef at the renowned Michelin-starred restaurant at the center of a scandal involving a series of restaurant workers.

She told a news conference that the restaurant will be staffed by employees who have worked at the restaurant for five years, adding that the customers will be given the choice of a single dish or a selection of four dishes.

It is the first of its kind in Italy.

The Italian government, which is investigating the restaurant, says it is investigating “serious violations of labor standards.”

It also says that it is working to find out whether the restaurant is in breach of the country’s labor laws.

Carneiro said she wanted to open the restaurant so that people who want to visit Italy can enjoy the country as a place to eat and drink.

She said she hopes to attract more tourists to the region.