When a bottle of Mother’s milk goes bad, what do you do?

The bottle of milk that keeps you full every day is a special one.

But what happens when you forget to bring it back?

That’s what the mother beverage fridge at the Mothers Nest in Melbourne is designed to do.

It’s a fridge designed to hold bottles of milk, but with a touch of technology that can detect when they’re empty, so that they can be replaced and used.

It has been built from a piece of glass that’s been coated with a chemical that stops it from leaking.

It works by detecting if the bottle is empty or not, then it automatically refills the container with fresh milk.

There are a few different models available.

The basic one is made of stainless steel and is priced at $60.

It comes with a dispenser that dispenses 1,000 litres of milk per day.

Other models include a mini fridge with a plastic top and can hold up to 50 bottles of the same size, and a bottle fridge that can hold 30,000 bottles of that size.

All are designed to last a lifetime, and come with a built-in pump that can be turned on to refill empty bottles.

“I like the idea of a glass fridge, and the idea that you can get a little bit of functionality and an amenity that you wouldn’t get from an empty fridge,” mother beverage storage manager Kate Macdonald told the ABC.

“There are some really nice features on the bottle fridge.”

But while a bottle is a fridge, the mother bottle fridge isn’t.

It’s a small refrigerator, but it doesn’t have the features of a full refrigerator.

“It’s very small, it’s a bottle,” Ms Macdonald said.

“We’ve got a little shelf underneath, and we’ve got some shelves to store all of our food and all of the food that we have in the fridge.”

While the Mother’s Nest has a small shelf underneath for all of their food, Ms Macdon said there’s no way they could have enough space to hold all the items in the bottle.

The Mothers fridge is designed specifically to fit in the top of a fridge and is also designed to be self-sealing, which means it will not leak.

Ms Macdonald also said the Mother bottle fridge will only be used for 1,500 litres of dairy a day.

“You can only get that much milk per person per day, so the whole fridge is going to run on one bottle of water,” she said.

So, if you find a bottle full, and you want to use it to fill up on milk, you can just replace the bottle yourself.

“If you can find a full bottle of food that’s empty, then the bottle can just be used,” Ms McGaugh said.

“It has all of that functionality, but when you fill it up, you don’t need to do anything special.”

If you’d like to know more about the Mother Bottle fridge, or are just curious about what’s inside, you might want to visit their website.