Indian company sues over food safety claims

New Delhi: Indian-owned beverage dispenser maker Fota Foods Ltd is suing an Indian consumer group over claims that it has contaminated its products with harmful bacteria.

The group, Food Safety Watch, filed the lawsuit in the High Court in New Delhi on Monday, accusing Fota of knowingly causing contamination by using the same bacteria for which Fota claims it has tested its products for safety.

The food safety group said the products are being sold in the US, Germany and the UK.

Fota is also accused of using the harmful bacteria in its drinks and other products.

The US Food and Drug Administration said last week it had received a complaint about the use of the bacteria in drinks in Germany, but declined to provide details about the complaint.

A spokesman for Fota, who did not want to be named, said the company does not know the identity of the consumer group that filed the suit.

Foto: FotaFoodSafetyWatch