How to stop the flu in India with a good drink

The Times Of India is reporting that the Government of India has decided to introduce a new health strategy that will be known as the ‘India Flu Strategy’ and it will be introduced in the new year.

According to the article, the plan includes: • Introducing the ‘Health Action Plan’ in the New Year. 

This plan will aim to implement measures to ensure that the health of the country is maintained and is protected by the Government and the people of India. 

•Improving the delivery of health services to the people through the implementation of ‘Health Initiatives’. 

This will be done through the development of a comprehensive plan to address the various needs of the population and to ensure a high standard of health. 

The Health Action Plan will also address issues related to mental health, chronic disease management, physical health and hygiene. 

It will be a comprehensive strategy and will take into account the priorities of the Government in all aspects of health management. 

However, it will not be possible to achieve a comprehensive national strategy in the current fiscal year. 

“The Health Act has been amended and this is the first time that the ‘Hala’ has been invoked for health,” a senior official of the Ministry of Health told the newspaper.

According the article ‘The new strategy will aim at ensuring that the country stays healthy by making all available medical services available to the population. 

In addition, it also aims to improve the health status of the people by ensuring adequate and appropriate nutrition, hygiene, and health promotion. 

‘The government will endeavour to ensure the quality of life for all of its citizens by ensuring that their lives are of high value and dignity. 

We will strive to ensure all of our citizens are provided with a healthy lifestyle, and we will ensure that they are educated to ensure their health, quality of health, and life. 

Our focus is on improving the quality and quality of healthcare for all,” he added.”

The ‘Haha’ has not been invoked in the last three years. 

For the second time in three years, the Government is working on an innovative strategy to improve health in the country. 

We are going to ensure to make it a ‘Hadaana’, and we have initiated various initiatives to strengthen the system of health care,” the official added.

According a source from the Ministry, the aim of the new strategy is to ensure safety of health workers in the health sector. 

According to a survey conducted by the Ministry earlier this year, more than 90 per cent of the respondents feel that they feel unsafe when they go to work. 

At the same time, the health workers feel unsafe while working as a group. 

Moreover, a large number of respondents have expressed concern over the safety of the workers in various sectors of the government, including the health service, government hospitals and the general population.

The Ministry also plans to make the new health policy more transparent in terms of information. 

 The government is also working on a ‘Public Health Strategy’, to develop the policy framework to ensure public health is managed in a transparent manner.