5 things to know about the beverage dispenser category

There’s an exciting new way to drink your way through your morning coffee or juice.

Starbucks and the Food & Wine Institute, a nonprofit that helps people in need of groceries and beverages, have teamed up to bring an exciting twist to the beverage-bottle dispenser experience.

Called the Starbucks Brew-a-lucky, the new service is available in more than 70 cities nationwide.

The Starbucks Brew A-Lucky offers coffee-related products from Starbucks, like its Brew-A-Cup coffee cups and Starbucks beverages like the coffee Frappuccino.

It also offers beverages for breakfast, lunch and dinner, including hot dogs, breakfast sandwiches, and breakfast salads.

What you need to know: The coffee-and-drink service comes as Starbucks is looking to get back into the beverage beverage dispensing business, which has been on the decline for several years.

It has sold fewer than 100 million beverage dispensers in the United States since the start of 2016, according to data from Nielsen, and the number of new Starbucks Brews a year fell to just 8 million in the first quarter of 2019.

But Starbucks is not abandoning the beverage distribution business entirely.

The company will be rolling out more than 1,100 new Starbucks Beverages in the coming years, including its latest Starbucks Brewa-Lunch, a meal-sized beverage that comes in cans and bottles.

Starbucks says the Brew-Cups offer a “comprehensive selection of delicious Starbucks beverages” in a “delicious and unique way.”

The new Starbucks brew-a,lucky service will launch this fall in the Seattle area.

For more on Starbucks Brew, see the company’s press release.

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