Biden’s Biden: His New Year’s Resolution: Stop Drinking the Binny’s Beverage

Biden, in a new memoir, told The American Conservatives he “just couldn’t let this one go”.

The former vice president revealed he’d been drinking the Binnys Beverage brand for years and had been “drinking it like a champ for quite a while”.

Biden also revealed he had not consumed the brand since 2009, when he left the White House and was forced to quit after a sexual harassment scandal.

The vice president wrote that “all that was left was the Binys” brand, but that he had taken it off the shelf.

The Binnyys Beverages, which are marketed to adults and teenagers, are available at some of America’s biggest supermarkets and have been available in many grocery stores for years.

Biden was forced out of the Whitehouse after the president made an infamous tweet in October 2015 in which he joked about the sexual harassment allegations against him.

He later admitted that the tweet was “inappropriate”.

He later apologised for his “poor choice of words”, but has never apologised publicly for the comments.

In the memoir, Biden writes that he felt he was on “a quest for something I couldn’t find, and I didn’t know where I was going”.

“I had the Binyan’s Beverages in my freezer and in the back of my mind I was sure I had something special,” he wrote.

“I was just searching.”

Biden said that the brand “is not just for the rich”.

“It’s for everyone who is hungry, for those who want to be happy, and it’s for anyone who is tired, tired of waiting, or just want to feel better.”

He also revealed that he has “been drinking it like an addict for quite some time”.

“For years, I thought it was just another drink for me, and now that I’ve had the opportunity to drink it, I can honestly say that I love it,” he said.

“And that it’s not just me who loves it.

It’s you, and you alone.”