How to check your drink canary from the bottle

By Chris D. WilsonThe Associated PressHealth authorities in Indiana say they are investigating whether a beer canary found on a woman’s car in a northern Indiana suburb was a case of human-to-human transmission.

A spokeswoman for the Indiana Department of Health said Wednesday that an investigation is underway.

Officials say the woman’s boyfriend was driving along the highway when they noticed the canister.

She contacted a woman on the phone and asked to see her car.

The woman said she was leaving the house and she was going to take her car to a store, said Tammy Jones, spokeswoman for Indiana State Police.

The woman said the canary contained a “significant amount of alcohol” and the woman called 911.

The car was found abandoned on the side of the road about 3 p.m.

Wednesday near a Walmart parking lot.

A small amount of blood was found in the can.

A few hours later, Indiana State Troopers found the woman in the backseat of a stolen vehicle, Jones said.

She was taken to the hospital and is listed in good condition.

She is not being charged.

The Associated Media contributed to this report.