Why your new fridge might not look exactly like the one you bought

It looks like your kitchen’s been turned into a commercial beverage cooler: a bright pink plastic container with a glass top and a bright red rim.

The plastic is the same as that used to store your frozen drinks and snacks, but it’s now also designed to hold your favorite food items, like a pizza or beer, and other drinks.

The lid has been redesigned to look more like a cup, so it doesn’t look like it’s holding anything, and the sides are covered in a white-and-blue “coffee cup” logo.

The fridge is a $129 unit that can hold a variety of liquids and food items from $15 to $100.

The refrigerator is one of a number of “modern” fridge offerings from a startup called KitchenAid that sells kitchen appliances designed to store food.

A similar fridge from Amazon.com is $99.

You can find more modern refrigerator options at Amazon and other major online retailers.

But there’s one big difference: The KitchenAid fridge comes with a removable lid and no storage area inside.

This can make it difficult to store things in it, and it can also lead to spills.

But if you don’t care about spills, and want the convenience of a cheap, durable fridge, the KitchenAid may be the better choice.