A New Age Drinker Turns To A New Life As A New Year’s Eve Cocktail Drinker

The first thing you’ll notice about these people is their bright red lips and wide, round eyes.

They are, in essence, new age alcoholics.

The second thing you will notice about them is that they all look like they’re drinking from a bottle.

They all have a long dark, almost brown beard and a thick black mustache.

They all seem to be staring straight ahead and with no idea what they’re doing.

This is the face of an alcoholic, but it’s also the face that is helping to change the way the world looks at alcohol.

The alcoholics, who have been drinking in a public setting for years, are taking part in a new form of expression.

In addition to being the most popular of the new age alcoholic drinkers, these new age drinkers are also becoming the face for a new kind of art.

The art of alcoholics is taking place in a very real way on the streets of New York City.

The New Year, the first day of the New Year in America, is a day of celebration for many of the city’s most famous and influential people.

There are plenty of bars and restaurants that host the annual event.

But the New Years celebration is also a time of intense reflection.

New Year parties are a place for reflection, where you can see yourself through the eyes of your fellow New Year drinkers, or you can look back on the life of your loved ones and celebrate the joys and memories they have shared.

The art of drinking is one of the oldest traditions of the culture of New Year celebrations.

In ancient times, New Year drinking was one of many important events for the celebration of the rebirth of the gods, the end of the year and the beginning of the beginning.

For the ancient Greeks, the celebration was a time to reflect and celebrate.

The celebration of this new year is a time for reflection.

As the first New Year of the millennium comes to a close, New Yorkers are looking to look back at what they have accomplished and to see how their lives have been different.

New Year parties have long been part of New Yorkers cultural identity.

In fact, one of New Yorker’s most recognizable and iconic traditions is the New York New Year Celebration, which was a massive party that occurred in the city in the early 20th century.

The party lasted for weeks and the New Yorkers celebrated with an annual New Year toast, which included a toast to their ancestors and a traditional toast to a New Year.

This tradition of New Years festivities is still carried out in the New Yorker boroughs, but today New Yorkers have the opportunity to celebrate this holiday in a completely new way.

New Yorkers, and New Year drinkers in particular, have been taking part for years in a kind of New Age art.

In recent years, artists, photographers and musicians have begun to create works of art that use this art of New year drinking to show the world how different the New Age culture is.

One of the artists involved in this art is Alex Stalnaker, who is a New York based artist and performer.

Alex has been involved in New Year art for years.

He started out in 2011 when he was invited to create a piece of New Earth art in his backyard that he called the New Earth Ball.

Alex and his art are the subject of a documentary called New Earth, which is currently being produced by New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

New Earth is a story about how artists are creating new ways of looking at New Year traditions.

Alex says, “I am a New Yorker.

I have been a New Earth for 10 years, but this is the first time that I have done an art installation that is about New Earth.

I am the first person in the world to make an art work about New Year.”

The New EarthBall was created with the help of artist Alex StALNAKER, and Alex says,”I am creating this piece with the hope of inspiring others to take up this art form.”

StALNARKER said, “It’s been a great honor to be asked to create an installation for the Museum of New American Art.

I was inspired to do this project because of the events that took place in New York in 2016, and the art that was being made.

These New Years celebrations are all about celebrating New Years, and this piece is a reminder of the importance of celebrating the New year.”

The New York people are just like me.

They’re trying to live this New Year by the way they live it.

And the New New Year Ball is a wonderful way for people to celebrate.

It’s about celebrating the beauty of New New Years, the joy of New NEW YEARS.

And by the time you see the New Ball come down the street, you’ll be so happy to see it.

I think that’s one of my goals when I am making these works is to show that these celebrations