Why do people drink so much alcohol?

A new study has found that, in Canada, people drink about 10 times as much alcohol as Americans do.

This isn’t a surprising finding, as we have long known that Canadians consume more than people in the US.

But, the study’s authors suggest that it’s not surprising that Canadians also drink more than Americans. 

The study, published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, was led by Dr. David L. Martin of the University of Toronto and Dr. Ralf Neumann of the Berlin School of Public Health.

Their goal was to see if the alcohol-related drinking patterns observed in Canada differed significantly from those observed in the United States. 

They found that Canadians drank about a third more beer than Americans do, about two-thirds more wine than Americans and about twice as much wine as British Columbians.

They also drank a lot more liquor than Americans did.

What about those of us who are non-Americans?

How much does our country’s drinking habits differ from those of other countries?

The authors used data from the Canadian National Household Survey, which asks about drinking habits in the entire country.

The study found that the percentage of Canadians who drink a lot less than they should is about 30% higher than the average for Western countries.

They found that in contrast, the alcohol consumption among non-American Canadians is similar to that of Americans.

Martin and Neumann suggest that the difference might be explained by Canadians drinking less beer, and more wine and liquor, than Americans, who generally drink about the same amount.

They add that, as people in Canada live longer, they are likely to consume more alcohol.

“Americans drink more and have higher life expectancy, and have a larger proportion of the population who drink less than their countrymen,” they write.

“In Canada, a similar phenomenon is observed in terms of alcohol consumption.”

They argue that alcohol is the dominant alcohol consumed in Canada.

It would seem that Canadians are more like Americans than Americans are like Canadians, at least in terms for drinking habits.