What’s in your bin? The best beer, wine and spirits for the golf course

By now, you’ve heard of the latest addition to the growing list of golf cart and golf liquor options.

The Golf Beverage Cart is a golf cart that features a beer and wine bar on the top of the cart.

This is not the first time the Golf Beverance Cart has been offered in Canada.

In 2011, the company released the Golf Liquor Bar which also featured a beer bar.

If you’re looking for the best golf cart options available in your area, Golf Beverages Golf Beveraging is the best choice.

Golf Beverages offers the Golf Cart and the Golf Bar in the following sizes: 1.5L, 2.5, 3.5 liter, 5L, and 8L.

Available in sizes 2.25L, 3L, 4L, 6L, 8L, 10L, 12L, 15L, 16L, 18L, 20L, 22L, 25L, 30L, 35L, 40L, 45L, 50L, 55L, 60L, 65L, 70L, 75L, 80L, 90L, 100L, 120L, 130L, 140L, 150L, 160L, 180L, 190L, 200L, 250L, 300L, 330L, 360L, 450L, 500L, 600L, 650L, 700L, 800L, 1000L, 1500L, 2000L, 3000L, 350L, 375L, 400L, 425L, 440L, 455L, 460L, 470L, 480L, 490L, 590L, 520L, 540L, 550L, 560L, 570L, 580L, 610L, 620L, 630L, 660L, 670L, 680L, 710L, 720L, 750L, 780L, 850L, 900L, 1050L, 1100L, 1200L, 1300L, 1400L, 1600L, 1700L, 1800L, 1900L, 2100L, 2300L, 2400L, 2500L, 2700L and 3000L are currently available.

You can also add the Golf Lifestyle to your cart to add a full bar, cocktail lounge or cocktail kitchen to your carts. 

You can add an additional golf cart to your order, or order a single cart with multiple carts.

Each cart comes with a free golf-themed gift card and an easy-to-follow cart order guide. 

The Golf Lifestyles Golf Cart comes with the Golf Ball, Golf Luggage, and Golf Shoe and comes in a number of sizes including 1L, 2L,  3L,4L,5L and 6L. 

 The new Golf Beverances Golf Lisure Cart comes in the 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6 liter models and comes with an additional gift card. 

Available in the sizes 1 liter, 2 liter, 3 liter, and 5 liter.

Other Golf Cart options include the Golf Beer Bar, Golf Lounge, and the Wine Cart. 

With its golf-inspired look and design, the Golf Lounge offers an interesting blend of style and function. 

It is also available in both the 1 liter and 2 liter models. 

There are two versions of the Golf Golf Lounge: the Wine Bar and the Beer Bar. 

In addition to a wine bar, there are also two beers on the list: a craft beer and a beer for the golfer. 

These two items will cost $4.95 each. 

Another option is the Golf Wine Lounge, which features an assortment of wines, and it comes with a complimentary bottle of wine for each cart. 

A new addition to Golf Cart is the Gatorade Bar, which will be available with the following options: 6L, 9L, 11L, 13L, 14L, 17L, 19L, 21L, 24L, 26L, 29L, 32L, 34L, 36L, 38L, 41L, 43L, 46L, 49L, 52L, 54L, 56L, 58L, 61L, 64L, 66L, 68L, 72L, 76L, 84L, 88L, 94L, 96L, 98L, 101L, 104L, 106L, 108L, 112L, 116L, 118L, 122L, 128L, 132L, 136L, 144L, 146L, 152L, 156L, 158L, 164L, 168L, 176L, 182L, 186L, 188L, 192L, 204L, 216L, 228L, 232L, 240L, 246L, 258L, 264L, 268L, 272