How to drink to forget your kids

Drinking to forget them is something that can be a challenge, especially when you’re a parent with two kids.

The beverage people here at Al Jazeera ask the tough questions: How do you drink when you have kids?

And why should you?

The beverage people are not here to help parents of toddlers or toddlers who need to drink their morning beverage.

They are here to show us the best ways to drink responsibly and with the knowledge and wisdom that comes with having two kids, and how to make the most of the extra time you have with them.

Al Jazeera’s Dasha Khadija travelled to China to help us get to know the people who make the drinks you drink.

Alcoholics Anonymous, a worldwide network of about 5 million people who believe that all addictions are caused by alcohol, is a well-known support group for people who have trouble getting sober.

Many of them are from working-class families with children.

Aljazeera’s Alisa Lefevre travelled to India to talk to a mother who said that drinking is the only way she can get her kids to go to bed.

Her son has a brain tumour and is going blind, but she’s still trying to make ends meet by doing all the things he loves.

Al Jazeeras Dasha, Alisa’s translator, said the best way to avoid drinking is to get to sleep at night and to have a regular routine, and then try to avoid the temptation to get drunk again in the morning.

Alija Khadij is a senior editor at Al Jazeery.

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