Beer-drinking customers are ‘unhappy’ at retailer because of ‘bad beer’

Beer-loving drinkers are “unhappy” at a supermarket chain because it sells “bad beer”, a leading beer retailer has said.

The Independent has obtained an internal email sent to customers by American Breweries Inc. which reveals the retailer is considering closing down and closing its beer store in a bid to make up for the “dishonest” quality of its products.

The email, which was sent to staff and obtained by The Independent, shows American Brews chief executive Mark Bostick is “shocked” by the “disgusting” quality the store serves.

“The worst of the beer that we sell is the one that the majority of our customers buy,” the email said.

“It is bad beer.

There are only three reasons we are making the decision to close this store: (a) we have found that there is no point in opening a store and (b) we are not profitable enough to sustain it.”

We cannot keep making bad beer in the face of a growing demand.

“American Brews says it is “sickened” by customers’ reaction to the store’s poor customer service.”

In response to this customer feedback, we are considering the following steps:”1) We will close our brew house at the end of January 2019.”

The email also suggests that American Brew is considering a “mini brewery” or a new brewery with a smaller brewery.

It is not the first time American Brew has faced criticism for poor customer services.

In 2014, the chain said it was cutting its brewing capacity by 80 per cent in order to improve its sales.

“While the number of craft breweries has increased by 40 per cent, we believe we have a strong enough supply of craft beers to meet our growing demand,” the company said. 

“We will continue to explore new ways to help our customers discover and enjoy our beers. 

Read more: American Brew was also fined $4.8 million by the NSW Alcohol Beverage Regulatory Commission in 2013 for failing to provide customers with accurate beer information.