When you have the money, buy a bar at Wurst’s total beverages

The owner of a West Side bar says he wants to expand to the city’s newest neighborhood.

Wilbur’s Total Beverages in the Park is opening this month at the corner of Madison and Belmont avenues, which is currently home to the trendy Bistro Bistros.

But while the bar has a few taps and a few tables, it’s actually a full bar, with a bar manager and a bartender, who also serves as the bar manager.

The bar’s name comes from the German word for total beverage, which translates roughly to “bar of unlimited value.”

It’s a popular concept in German culture, but not one that was embraced by West Side bars.

The West Side is home to many restaurants and bars, including Wilburs.

But Wurst has been a long-standing West Side institution since it opened in 1927.

For decades, Wilbur was known as one of the citys best beer bars.

In addition to its namesake, Wurst also offers a beer garden, a wine bar and even a coffee shop.

The bar is also known for its large selection of wine.

In 2016, Wirt’s was the subject of a lawsuit from the city of West Seattle.

The suit alleged that the establishment had violated the city liquor laws by serving beer and wine while providing a place where patrons could enjoy them without paying a cover charge.

It also claimed that Wirt had violated local liquor laws because it didn’t allow the public to consume alcoholic beverages in the building.

The city eventually settled the case with Wirt.

In May of this year, Wilbert’s owner, Will Wirt, told The Seattle Times that he wanted to expand his business to the West Side, but he’s still working to get permits and get licenses to open.