What we know about Juventus, Napoli and Lazio

It has been an extraordinary year for Juventus.

The Bianconeri won the Serie A title and reached the Champions League semi-finals, which gave them a great opportunity to qualify for the Champions Cup.

The same could be said of Napoli.

The Italian champions reached the Europa League final and, as it happens, their rivals Lazio also finished in the top four.

But, the real achievement for Juventus was that the team won the Champions’ League, which was also a remarkable achievement given their previous run-in.

In the Champions Club World Cup, the Juventus side did not just play well, they beat their opponents, who had a poor record in European competition.

The Juventus squad, like the rest of the Italian national team, was in awe of the performance.

They were the only side to play their entire group matches in the Champions tournament, where the team was the world champions.

The squad also had the most medals of any Italian team.

“We have a great squad and we are very proud of them,” said Juve coach Antonio Conte.

“It was a special experience for us to win the Champions Trophy.

We played well and we played with a good attitude.”

What’s more, the Italian squad also made history.

It became the first Italian team to win four consecutive European Cups.

Conte added that he will take the same mentality to the upcoming European Champions’ Cup.

“The mentality of the players will be very important,” he said.

We have to be patient. “

As a team, we are not just fighting against each other but also against ourselves.

What did Conte think about the performance of his team? “

If we play well in our matches we will be able to qualify.”

What did Conte think about the performance of his team?

“I am happy with the performance,” he replied.

“Juventus were very well organised.

“Of course, we lost some players. “

I would like to thank my players for their hard work. “

Of course, we lost some players.

Conte also gave some hints about his future. “

I think that we played well for a very long time and we were very lucky to win all four games.”

Conte also gave some hints about his future.

“There are some players who are waiting for a contract and others who are already in their contract and I have a good relationship with them,” he continued.

“But I am happy to play for Juventus.”