Which are the top drinks in Mexico?

Ramirez beverage Center, a Mexican chain that is part of the PepsiCo family, has its headquarters in Mexico City.

But in the United States, you may be surprised to find that the drinks in its drinks cup are made by Coca-Cola Co., not the nation’s most famous soda.

Ramirez’s beverage cups have been around since 1982, when the company bought the popular brand from a former owner of the Coca-Colas company, which owns Ramirez.

PepsiCo, the nations largest beverage company, is owned by Coca Cola Co. (NYSE:KO), the second-largest U.S. company.

While Ramirez was in charge of the brand in Mexico, the company produced cups for Coca-colas and PepsiCo.

Now, it is producing cups for PepsiCo in the U.K. and Canada, according to Ramirez CEO Luis Perez.

“In Mexico, Coca-Pepsi and Pepsi-Cola are two of the best beverages in the world,” Perez told CNNMoney in a recent interview.

“They are so different.

There is no one better.”

He added that he has worked for Pepsi Co. for 20 years, so he knows a lot about how the beverage cups are made.

Ramírez is the only American beverage brand in the top 10, according a recent CNNMoney list of the top 50 beverages in Mexico.

Ramís beverage cups were the first to be developed in the country, according, and they are now available in many Mexican restaurants, including those owned by restaurants owned by the same family of businesses.

The beverage cups come in two varieties, one for men and one for women.

The men’s cup is the same as the one you see in the picture above, except that it has a hole in the center to hold your drink in place, so it’s easier to take on and off your cup.

The women’s cup, meanwhile, is the standard one used by most Americans, with a hole at the top for the drink to sit on.

In fact, the U,S.

government has even banned the use of cups made by Ramírs beverage cups.

While there is a wide variety of drinks in Ramír, it only makes a few cups of drinks that are made specifically for Americans.

“It is a very niche product,” Perez said.

The Ramíriz brand is a Spanish-language company with a history in Mexico that started in the 1980s and grew in popularity during the early 2000s.

The brand is now owned by an American company called Ramírese.

Ramirese has expanded across the U., but Perez said the brand still makes a lot of the drinks that the Ramíros are known for.

Ramis beverages cups have also been popular in other parts of the world.

For example, the brand made cups for a company called Défense, which is part-owned by Coca Cares, the United Nations’ charity that provides financial assistance to poor people in Mexico and Central America.

Ramires beverage cups also make a regular part of many restaurants.

“The drink cups are in our menu and on our menu, and we use them in many places, like our restaurants,” Perez added.

Rams drinks cups are also on the menu at Taco Bell and other popular restaurants in Mexico — but it’s not just the Ramires that are making the cups.

Ramizas beverage cups will be on the menus of restaurants in the next few weeks in many countries, including the U in the coming months.

And as Perez mentioned, there is no limit on the number of cups that you can drink from a Ramíria beverage cup.

In addition, Perez said that Ramirez has already started making the beverage cup in the Americas.

He also noted that the beverage is not made from the same kind of plant that makes the beverage in the US.

The drinks cups that Perez made in Mexico will be made in a plant in Guatemala that will be able to produce more cups per year.

And when the drinks cups reach markets in the Middle East and Europe, they will be sold in the same way as Ramírazas in the States, Perez added, without specifying any specific dates for the U-turn. 

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