How much will a national beverage corp cost you?

Consumers are being asked to pay as much as £1,600 per year for the best of a limited number of products.

The National Beverage Corp’s prices for a single-serving bottle of cider, which has a price tag of £1.50, are £150.

The cheapest cider is £1 and the most expensive is £3.75.

The national brand is also selling two-litre bottles for just £3, but the price of the bottle is higher than the price paid by a consumer who buys it from a store.

The NABCO said it was taking steps to increase transparency and improve its pricing. 

The company is the only retail outlet to have its prices for cider and other alcoholic beverages based on a percentage of the price consumers pay for the product, the NABCo said. 

National Beverage has been operating under the Nabco umbrella since its inception in 2013, but it now operates across the UK.

A spokesperson said it did not have a precise price for its products, but added: “National Beverages pricing is based on an average of all the consumer prices in the UK, so this is how the pricing is set by the Government.”