When the American Beverage Association Calls Itself “The American Association of Beverage Coolers”

The American Beverages Association has announced it is the American Association for Beveragecoolers, a moniker that it says refers to its desire to promote and preserve American culture through beer and its many flavors.

“We feel that a more inclusive, welcoming and inclusive beverage cooler is a better beverage experience for the millions of Americans who have never experienced a beverage cooler before,” said the association in a statement.

The association has already been a hit with craft beer enthusiasts, and its announcement today marks the first time it has officially taken the mantle of the American beverage coolers, which have long been associated with the country’s beloved craft beer culture.

In addition to its own beverage cooler, the association has been active in the fight for the repeal of Prohibition, which it has long supported.

The association, which is based in Arlington, Virginia, has been in existence since 1869, but has only been around for about a decade.

Its first official meeting took place in the spring of 2010.

“We’re proud to officially be the American association of beverage cooler refrigerators,” said John Bowers, president and CEO of the association, in a press release.

“It will help us to better serve our customers in the marketplace and better serve the industry.”

The association’s mission statement reads: “Beverage coolers are an essential part of the everyday food and beverage experience.

They are also the perfect home for craft beer and are a perfect way to enjoy the unique flavor of any American beverage.”

The American Beveraging Association has been a part of events like the Consumer Electronics Show, and is one of the world’s largest beverage cooler manufacturers.

According to the association’s website, its business includes all aspects of the food, beverage, and health industries.