Ken’s Beverage Inc.’s outdoor beverage fridge could be a game-changer for outdoor beer drinkers

The latest innovation from a small Canadian beer company could help you find a refreshing drink on the go.

A new outdoor beverage cooler for Ken’s Biergarten is on the market, and it will let you find beer, wine, or liquor on the move.

The product is available in stores, and can be purchased online.

The cooler will cost $149, and the company says it’s also a great way to keep your beverages cold when you’re at home or away from home.

The Ken’s brand of beer and wine is made in Canada and has been around for decades.

It’s made from a mix of barley, wheat, water and hops, and has a lower alcohol content than regular beers.

But that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy the beer.

The idea is that it can keep beer cold, which helps prevent beer from becoming moldy.

A company spokesperson says the cooler’s design can be adjusted to fit your needs, and you can use it to hold more than 10 liters of beer or six liters for wine.

The company is looking for feedback from consumers and beer enthusiasts in order to fine-tune the cooler, so it can be more widely used.

“The company will also be taking comments on the product through a survey in the coming weeks,” said the spokesperson.

Ken’s Beer Co. has made its mark in the beer industry with its innovative and low-cost brands such as Ken’s Pale Ale, Ken’s Double IPA, and Ken’s Black Label.

It also produces a number of other low-alcohol beers like the popular Ken’s Pilsner and the popular Sierra Nevada Ale.

The new Ken’s beverage fridge is a great addition to the Ken’s lineup, and will likely make its way into stores this spring.