Vice’s Kunda Brewing’s Beer-Mongering Headline Is ‘Not What You Expect’

Vice News is pleased to announce that Kunda Beverages has announced the launch of its new flagship product line, Kunda beer, which is inspired by the legendary Swedish brand Kunda, which started out as a small craft brewery in Stockholm, Sweden, in the 1980s.

The Kunda brand is known for its distinctive flavors of honey and honeyed malt, as well as its signature beer, the Kunda.

This new line will include a variety of flavors from the traditional Kunda lineup, including: Honey and Honeyed Malt, Sweet and Sweet Malt, Honey and Sweet Beer, Honey Ale, Belgian-style Amber Ale, and Honey and Milk Stout.

This is the first time Vice has collaborated with a Swedish brewer, and Vice will be the first company to officially support this new line.

Kunda has been a leader in the industry for over 30 years and has made its mark on beer drinkers around the world, including in New York, where it is the flagship beer brand of the NYC Beer Garden, the largest indoor beer garden in the world.

Vice is also excited to collaborate with the iconic brand’s namesake, the original Swedish Kunda Brewery.

In 2018, the brand’s founder, Ingvar Kample, was appointed as CEO of Vice by the board of directors, and the Kumanas name will be incorporated into Vice’s portfolio in 2020.

Kuman is a Swedish brand that has been at the forefront of the brewing revolution for over a century, and this new collaboration with Vice is just the beginning of Kuman’s incredible history.

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