What is the most Irish bar in America?

What is one of the most popular Irish pubs in America, and how many people come to visit it?

The question of the week comes from a reader who asks, “If the first Irish pub in America is located in Boston, what is the second?”

We have a few responses to this question from readers.

One person is asking about Boston’s Irish Pub, the second-most-popular Irish pub on Yelp.

The other is asking, “What is the best place to have a drink with your friends in Chicago?”

Another reader says, “The Best Irish Pub in America,” while another reader, “Best Irish Pubs in Chicago” is a response to a tweet from a Chicago bartender, who says, “[the second best] is on my list.”

One commenter on our blog, “Stupid Irish,” asks, “[What is] the best Irish bar/club in America?”

He adds that the answer is “a lot.”

The Chicagoans who asked this question are also the ones who have been asking the question, “Which Irish bar is best?”

Here are some responses:”The Best American Irish Pub” by Chris McAllister and Chris J. D’ArcyThe Irish Pub by James Bower and James J. KavanaghThe Irish Bar in Boston by Chris C. MacKenzie and Chris M. MaitlandThe Irish Irish Pub at the Old National Library by Chris Maitlands and Chris S. WrigleyThe best Irish pub is probably the Irish Pub that I know.

The second best is probably The Irish Pub.

I have visited the second best Irish Pub three times, and the third is on top.

I haven’t been to either The Irish Bar or The Irish Tavern yet, so it’s not clear to me what is better.

The best place in America to have drinks with your friend is The Irish Inn, located in downtown Chicago, which is one mile south of the famous Irish Pub and has a menu of well-known Irish dishes like Guinness and Curranach, as well as the Irish pub favorites like Guinness Puddings and Currach.

The second best place is The St. James Irish Pub (the third is The Dubliner), located in Chicago’s River North neighborhood.

I don’t know if you know this, but the St. John’s Irish Bar and Restaurant is on the second floor of the St James, in Chicago, and is the third best Irish tavern in the country.

The third best place, the best bar in the world, is probably a place that is close to home.

The best Irish restaurant is probably somewhere that you go to when you’re in New York City.

The Best Irish bar or club is the one you go for when you go out for a nice meal in New Orleans.

The Best pub in New England is probably on Long Island, so the best pub in the US is the Irish Tavern in Boston.

The Stony Brook Irish Pub is also on Long Islanders land, in the city of Stonybrook.

The StonyBrook Irish Pub has a great selection of Irish food, as do all the other Irish pubs and bars in the U.S.