Two Arizona beverage stores are offering free drinks to thirsty customers

Two Arizona retailers are offering $1 beers, $1 wine and $1 cocktails to thirsty patrons at participating locations.

The businesses, which include restaurants and coffee shops, are the first to offer the discounts at stores in the state.

The first store to offer these deals, The Belmont Beverage Company in the Phoenix area, has the best deal at 10 percent off all beers, 10 percent to $20 off wine, and 10 percent discounts on all other beverages.

The Belmonte Wine Cellars in Belmont is offering $10 off all beer, wine and cocktails, plus 10 percent cash back on select wine, liquor and beer purchases.

Alyssa Smith, the owner of The Belville, said the offer has been popular with customers who have been coming to the store since last year, and said it has increased the sales at her business by over 50 percent.

“I have been serving the community since 2008,” she said.

“We are now bringing in a new customer, so it has been a good opportunity for us to offer a better value.”

Smith said the deals come with the added benefit of allowing customers to enjoy the drinks in comfort.

She said her store has been expanding its beer selections this year, but has yet to offer alcohol, including specialty beers, at its restaurants.

Smith said that she has been surprised by the amount of customers that have shown up for the discounts.

“There has been an increase in people who are here for the food and wine, but it has just been incredible to see,” she added.

“I can’t wait to see what they come back for.”

The Belmont Wine Cellar said it offers $20 on all beer and wine purchases at its restaurant, including a 20 percent cashback on select beer purchases and a 15 percent discount on all food purchases.

The Belmontes are also offering $15 off wine purchases, including bottles at $10 and cans at $15.

The store will also offer free wine and liquor on select wines and cocktails.

“We think the Belmonts offer is just so much more than the other establishments, and that it is worth it to come and see what is on offer,” said Amy Otero, who manages the Belmonts wine department.

Otero said the stores are opening more stores this year as they continue to expand their food offerings.

“There are many different flavors of wine, so that is something we are always trying to get into,” she explained.