Why a restaurant in Australia’s far north will soon be home to a bar and a wine bar

When I walked into this place in late February, I was immediately sold.

It was like a bit of a cross between a dive bar and an outdoor terrace.

There were TVs, a bar area, and a communal table.

There was a wine list, which was surprisingly generous, and I saw some local beers.

This is not the kind of bar that you would normally be served at a casual restaurant.

The ambience was good, though.

I can’t speak to the quality of the food, but the drinks were solid.

The service was spot on.

I also enjoyed the decor.

The space was big, but there were also small booths, so it was less crowded.

I could see why it’s a great spot to have a beer, but I also appreciate the quality and the decor that this place has.

There are several places in Australia that are similar to this.

I’m excited to see what the locals will do to expand their horizons in the near future.

If they’re going to go the bar route, I hope that they keep the ambience as close to a dive as possible.