How to get a better deal on coffee, iced tea and other hot beverages

The best coffee shops in America may be located in the nation’s heartland, but they’re all over the map.

The nation’s best coffee shop chains, from the chain of Starbucks in St. Louis to the chain’s competitor, Dunkin’ Donuts, are all located in some parts of the country.

We found the best coffee chains in each state and the top coffee spots in each city.

Check out our picks for the top 10 coffee shops to visit in each metro area.

We took into account the cost of coffee and the quality of the drinks, and the average cost per cup.

We also asked readers for their top tips to help you find the best spot for coffee, including: • How to order the best cup of coffee • What to order in a local coffee shop • Which Starbucks coffee shop should you go to?

What to do if you can’t decide which one to go to.

Find out more about how we compiled this list.

Top 10 Best Coffee Shops in the Country 1.

Starbucks, St. Charles, MO, Staple Shack 2.

Dunkin Donuts and Dunkin Caffeine, St Louis, MO 3.

Starbucks and Dunkins, Indianapolis, IN, Starbucks 4.

Starbucks & Co., Atlanta, GA, Starbucks 5.

Starbucks Coffee Roasters, Austin, TX, Starbucks 6.

Starbucks Roasters & Co, Chicago, IL, Starbucks 7.

Starbucks coffee, Minneapolis, MN, Starbucks 8.

Starbucks roasters, Philadelphia, PA, Starbucks 9.

Starbucks Espresso Roasters Inc., Atlanta 5, Starbucks Coffee & Espresso, Indianapolis 5, Espresso & Co LLC, San Francisco 4, Espo Coffee, Atlanta 4, Starbucks Espoo, Minneapolis 4, Coffee Co, Charlotte 4, Espresso, Orlando 4, Kombucha, Seattle 4,  The Coffee House, San Diego 4, Café Coffee, Detroit 4, The Coffee House Coffee Co., New York City 3, Starbucks Roasting Co., Portland, OR, Starbucks Co., Chicago, Illinois, Starbucks, Houston, Texas, Espoir, Nashville, TN, Esposco, Austin 3,  Mocha, Nashville 3, Espresco Coffee, Austin 2, Esposteel, Indianapolis 2, Coffee Roasting, Atlanta 2, Espresso Espresso Inc., New Orleans 2, The Espresso Coffee Co. Inc., Orlando 2, Starbucks Latte, Indianapolis 1, Coffee & Tea, Nashville 1, Starbucks Espo, Atlanta 1, Espressa, San Jose 1, Bodega Espresso Co., Austin 1, Mango & Espreso, Detroit 1, Cafe Coffee, New York 1, Café Espresso Atlanta, Austin 1