Kramer to discontinue sales of beer fridge

The maker of a popular beer fridge said on Thursday it will discontinue its business with a Colorado-based brewer.

The move comes as brewers continue to grapple with high demand from consumers who are buying and drinking less beer and are more willing to pay higher prices for their beverages.

The decision comes a day after the company announced that it was withdrawing from Colorado due to a lack of sales.

Kramer said in a statement it will stop sales of the Beer Grinder and Kegs that are manufactured in the state of Colorado.

“It is time for us to make a strategic decision about our future operations and we will not be producing beer or kegs at our Denver brewery,” the company said.

“We are committed to our Colorado customers and the products that they enjoy, and we look forward to the new direction for the company,” the statement added.

The Beer Grender, which has a retail shelf space of 1,400 square feet, was the second-largest brewer in the U.S. before its closure in 2018.

It made its name with the original, small, glass Beer Grinders, which were popular in Europe and Japan.

The company had its first U.K. beer in 2008, and it had its largest-selling beer in 2016.